Sample Sunday 58: FULL MOON


Here is approximately 100 – 150 words from a randomly selected original piece for your enjoyment. These samples can include excerpts from my all my WIPs and my Eternal Curse Series, but only as works in progress (not the final products). These samples of published and unpublished works are protected under the U.S. Copyright agreement.

It’s Like the Full Moon- chapter 5.1 (wip)

“Thats okay Lisa. You were just trying to be a good friend,” said Rebecca. “I told you it was all going to work out, and as for Virgil; just because he doesn’t sweep me off my feet daily, doesn’t mean I can’t love him. I love him for everything else he does.”
“Your right Becca,” said Lisa. “I mean, what do I really know about love. If you love Virgil, then I love Virgil, and I hope you two will be happy together.” Lisa and Rebecca held each other in the full embrace of two loving sisters. Whatever happened in their pasts or futures to come, they’d be there for each other. After a few tears and several laughs, the two friends reentered the dulling down party inside.

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    1. Thanks. I tried to make her a very sensible character, but I’ll let in on a little secret. She doesn’t always listen to her own advice…Shhh! Don’t tell anyone.

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