Sample Sunday 40


Here is approximately 100 – 150 words from a randomly selected original piece for your enjoyment. These samples can include excerpts from my all my WIPs and my Eternal Curse Series, but only as works in progress (not the final products). These samples of published and unpublished works are protected under the U.S. Copyright agreement.

It’s Like the Full Moon chapter 4 (wip)

Rebecca rushed down to the dining hall where several guest had already taken seats and began their meal. She took her time perusing through the tables taking note of the gentle people sharing her lodging. There were simple people of all types who seemed to have one thing in common, an appreciation for nature and the beauty of history. They were all there for the same tour. Just as Rebecca had settled on a cozy spot in the corner, perfect for people watching, someone called out her name. “Rebecca dear, it’s me Mr. Thornton. Surely you remember me?” asked the jolly old man as he half stood up from his chair and waved her over.

Rebecca wanted to seem cheerful. Mr. Thornton was a very nice man, but if he was there, it was likely that his son was as well. “Oh yes Mr. Thornton,” she called back forcing a smile to her face and trying not to look around suspiciously. “How could I forget you?”

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