Sample Sunday 34


Here is approximately 100 – 150 words from a randomly selected original piece for your enjoyment. These samples can include excerpts from my all my WIPs and my Eternal Curse Series, but only as works in progress (not the final products). These samples of published and unpublished works are protected under the U.S. Copyright agreement.

It’s Like the Full Moon chapter 3.2 (wip)

“Why not,” said Paul. “Take me for instance, I stopped drinking like a fish once I became old enough to do it legally and now I only drink socially, but I got pretty pissed in my time.”

“In your time,” snickered Rebecca slightly placing her hand over her mouth just touching her bottom lip with her index finger. “You couldn’t possibly be old enough to be talking about ‘in your time.’”

Paul tilted his head slightly adoring Rebecca’s delicate gestures with her hands before responding to her comment. “Just how old do you think I am?” he asked seriously.

“Young,” replied Rebecca simply.

“I’m twenty-two for the time being, but I have a birthday in two weeks if that suites you better,” Paul stated firmly.

“Twenty-two, oh my. Are you still in school?” asked Rebecca.

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