Review: The Bridge of Deaths

The Bridge of Deaths by M.C.V. Egan

I give this book a 4.


Maggie and Bill meet by, what would normally seem like, chance. Little do they both know that they are tied to the past in a very unique way. Their connection to the past is not just the past of this book, but the past of WWII. This book tells their story and that of a, still unsolved, plane crash from the summer of 1939.

Let me start off by stating that historical fiction is not my favorite genre, but it’s growing on me. Next let me state that I don’t know if this book truly fits into the category of Historical fiction. This is one of those books that’s simply difficult to categorize. It’s also listed in some places as metaphysical or paranormal fiction, which is also misleading.

Yes there are historical elements to it and it is fiction, but I almost wish there had been more fiction than history to it… but now I’m probably confusing you.

Let’s back up a little and break this book down.

1. Metaphysical/paranormal categorization comes from the presence of and use of psychic readings, practices, and theories along with the presence and experiences of past life regressions. It is through the use of this literary tool that the modern story is tied to the past (the true historical past).

2. Historical fiction categorization for this book seems a little lacking. Aside from the fact that there is a fictional narrative to acompany the action, this is more of a case study or historical investigation. There is so much fact to this story (the footnotes alone are a work of art) that I had trouble reconciling the fiction and the non-fiction.

That’s why I stated earlier that I wish there had been more fiction. I prefer fiction over non-fiction, but in any case, this is a fascinating story about true events. I just wish there had been more narrative.

3. I’m not used to reading this kind of story. I suppose that for those who read crime thrillers or detective stories, this might be an easy read. I was shocked to find myself breaking down and analyzing evidence like a member of a CSI team. In some ways it was thrilling, in others not so much.

4. I wish there had been more time spent on the relationship of Bill and Maggie, and I don’t even care much for romances. I guess the reason I feel this way is because I became attached to them and their story. I guess I just felt like their life together was always going to be overshadowed by these strange events of the past.

I know it may sound like I don’t like this story, but let me assure you that I do. I guess because I like it so much I’m compelled to over analyze it. I’ve never read a story quite like this before and don’t know if I will again. It’s so unique that I’m still trying to process it all now, months after reading it. This book is definitely worth reading.

This book was given to me as a gift from the author.

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