Review: The Between

by Glynis Rankin

I give this book a 4.


Everyone at some point feels like the black sheep of their family and it seems Michele is no different. I wonder if we, as people, sometimes project how we feel about ourselves onto others and blame them for feelings they may not actually have.  Add in an intense sense of grief and you have The Between.

I won’t give away the full meaning of the Between, but I’ve been there and I know others have too. This story is a typical triumph for this author. She has a talent for not only building emotion, but for expressing it and evoking reactions to it. This story is a long emotional journey through the altered perception of someone who is lost and hurting.

This isn’t the kind of story I typically read and was uncomfortable with the style, but after it was all said and done, the uplifting message won my heart. For those who read books like this all the time, I’m sure this would be quite a treat. This is a short story that packs quite a bit of punch in the category of drama.

I recommend this story to adult readers of fictional dramas and even non-fiction biographies and memoirs.

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