Review: Mercury Falls

Mercury Falls (Mercury Series #1) by Robert Kroese

I give this book a 4.


I must start off by saying that this book isn’t for everyone, but if you have a good sense of humor it’s worth your time.

Here you meet Christine, a journalist having second thoughts about her career choices, as she heads out to cover yet another apocalyptic cult story. Soon near death experiences begin to follow her around like mosquitos to which you’d think the angel, Mercury, she picks up along the way would at least try to swat away from her. It may take a while to get everyone involved, and I’m talking a lot of “people”, on the same page, but at least before long Mercury decides to help Christine as she tries to thwart the coming Apocalypse.

This book tells the story of the coming Apocalypse that gets wrapped up in red tape and sits in a holding queue of bickering egos, but that’s probably over-simplifying things. On the surface, it seems that this story will have you questioning faith, but it goes far beyond that. It has you questioning everything with any kind of assumed order. I feel like this book is making fun of every major aspect of modern society, not just religion. Not all the issues of concern are as obvious and developed as others, but there are hints of issues concerning: faith, religion, government, relationships, media, legal systems, education, social standards, and even a barely mentionable jab at race.

The main reason I didn’t give this book a 5 was because there were too many times when I had to re-read a passages just to be sure I clearly understood what I read. The text is complex and the dialog is heavy, but I still liked it.

I just don’t know if social satire is quite the term to sum this up, but it’s all I have for the moment. This book is very funny and would recommend it to adults with a good sense of humor, but if you are sensitive to ideas that question “the system” or religion, you might want to pass.

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