Review: Batman: Death Mask

Batman: Death Mask by Yoshinori Natsume

I give this book a 5.


Because I don’t want to frighten people with my uber geekness, I will keep this short.

Always a fan of most things Batman, I welcomed this dark Japanese tale of Bruce Wayne and the Death Mask. This four-part series is a semi-origin story as it goes back in time to show where and how Bruce was trained to fight in his quest to become the Batman, but the story goes far beyond that. It tells the legend of a mask that brings out the darkness in the one who wears it, but now Batman is wondering whether the mask is really cursed or if it is the person wearing it that is cursed.

This tales is not without the typical comic book violence that us geeks are so used to, but it also has a very physiological spin to it in the area of intimidation and fear. The Dark Night is a little bright in comparison to the darkness of the Death Mask. People’s faces get chopped off; that’s all I have to say about that.

Great for veteran comic book readers and Batman fans, but not recommended as your first comic book or Batman read.

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  1. Following you I have learned how many cool Batman things are out there! Great Review I’ll ask my teen if he is interested, last summer we watched all the BATMAN movies while he was recuperating from surgery. May I guess you are psyched about the new show GOTHAM?

    1. Of course, but as a fan of Batman I’m also worried. I want it to be a good show so badly and I’m fear the notion of being disappointed. Oh poor poor fangirl am I.

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