Purple Snowflake Marketing by Lillian Brummet

Book Title: Purple Snowflake Marketing – How To Make Your Book Stand Out in a Crowd

Author Name: Lillian and Dave Brummet

Publisher: Independent

Reading Level: Adult

Genre: how-to, self-help, book promotion, etc…

Content Rating: G

Available Formats:  e-book and print

Number of Pages: 378

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Book Description

Make your book stand out in the crowd! Getting your book into the hands of paying readers is the most important goal of a writer and with the tools offered in this book the sales of your book will increase dramatically!

For the average author the marketing and promotion of their own book is a mystery in itself, and outsourcing these activities can quickly erode their budget. This book has all the tools and tips for developing that marketing plan, and turn your writing into a professional career.

Purple Snowflake Marketing offers a realistic guide to what authors can expect to face and how to employ research and preparation to make a memorable first impression. As you put together a marketing plan, you will be able to proceed with the confidence of a seasoned writer. This book is packed with value, with over 1000 resources along with stats and inspiring quotes to assist you in developing that unique marketing plan for each book you write.


Book Excerpt:

“The first year after a book is released is often termed as the “one-year honeymoon period” by those in the industry. This is because many authors run out of contacts (friends, family, local media, colleagues, etc.) their budget has run dry, and initial marketing tactics are completed around the one-year mark. If the author has some name recognition, a basic marketing plan in place that goes beyond the Honeymoon Period, and shows an understanding of the promotional work required, than the author has a greater chance of being accepted by publishers.

Now, one of the reasons publishers must be choosy is simply related to budget. They are working with, like everyone else, a limited budget. So as book proposals come in they are looking for the ones that will be the least likely to drain their budget and the most likely to bring in revenue. Therefore a proactive author will have a greater chance of getting approval and considerations for any other programs they might have in place.

Sure, we can see e-book authors, for instance, who are making a living from just one or a few e-books. We also see authors in print format reaching out to the Internet audience, and succeeding. The reason? That is where people are. They are not attending events in the numbers they used to, they are not going into bookstores and libraries in the numbers they used to – and so we have to go where they are. What do your readers want? What formats do they like? It really boils down to knowing the audience for each book that is about to be released.

The success of your book depends on many factors starting with genre, release date, the publisher’s policies, the size of book, the quality of the printing, the format you choose, printer and publisher schedules, staffing, suppliers and the original condition of the manuscript. The ingenuity, preparedness and experience of the author, personal finances and resources, and location can also determine the success of a book. All of this will influence how a book is marketed and reinforces the need for every book’s marketing plan to be unique.”

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