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From 40 Days and Night of Eternal Curse : The importance of dreams

I’ve always thought of dreams as being the movies we create in our minds as we sleep at night. As with most creations people make, dreams reflect the happenings, thoughts, or concerns of our daily life. When we dream, we create a world for our inner desires and or struggles to work themselves out.

While sweet dreams tend provide the most rest and make us feel happy and content, sad, and even scary dreams serve a purpose. I think that dreaming is a necessity to live a healthy life; for how sad, confused, and or boring would life be without dreams. Not to overdramatize things, but I think people would eventually lose the will to live if they had never dreamed once in their entire lives.

Dreams are a major part of the story development of this book. All the characters at some point reveal their inner desires and struggles through their dreams. My hero, Giovanni, suffers for years with the side effects of several non-reconciled reoccurring nightmares. Mira looks forward to her dreaming time, because she uses it as an opportunity to live out her fantasies and do all the thing she may be too afraid to do in the reality of consciousness. Even Abraham finds comfort in knowing that one day he shall see the reality of his greatest dream come true.

Ultimately, it is through the limitless possibilities of the dream world that Giovanni is finally able to truly understand who he is and is meant to be. For him and others later on, dreams become another form of communication, making a lack of knowledge a nonissue to overcome.

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  1. Dreams really do take on a life of their own sometimes. Although most are mental garbage it’s always interesting to notice how your mind makes sense of those bits of flotsam and jetsam.

    1. Yeah, sometimes I’m sad that I can’t remember my dreams, but then I’m grateful for the times I don’t remember nightmares.

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