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From 40 Days and Night of Eternal Curse : The Angels of Eternal Curse

There are several different types of Angels that will make an appearance in this series, but there are only three that are actually described in the first book. A Seraph and an Arch are two types of angels that are depicted in this first book. While the Seraph is unnamed in the first book, it will be more closely viewed in the books to come. There is a very brief description of another angel in the first book, but to describe it now would just cause confusion.

The seraph of Giovanni’s Angel is described as being twice the size of an Archangel, with four sets of wings, and the head of an Ox. The significance of this angel is not explained in the first book, but is meant to entice the reader into wanting to know about the background story that is slowly unraveled throughout Giovanni’s dream struggle.

The Archangel that is depicted in the story is a more traditional take on an angelic hero. The Arch is tall, lean, and muscular with golden glowing skin and powder white wings.  Each of the Angels is depicted as warriors carrying very distinctive weapons.  The significance of this particular Arch is also not explained in the first book, though followers of angelic history may be able to figure it out which one it is. Never the less, the whole story and all the players will be explained in full, later in the series.

The Angels of EC: GA carry weapons made of precious metals and gems, and while their weapons do make impact with their foe, the real battle occurs internally, mentally, and spiritually. Yes, I know, I said spiritually…Remember we’ve already determined that spiritual conflict can make for a good story and be really cool. I promise.

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