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From 40 Days and Night of Eternal Curse : Significance of places

The places in my story are more than just a variety of backgrounds to keep the reader from getting bored. Each location serves a purpose. I tried to use the locations, without getting too deep or figurative, to help exemplify the emotional state of the characters throughout the book.

In the beginning of the story, Mira is alone in her cold dark apartment, that’s really more of a loft. Then the reader begins to learn of Mira’s issues of loneliness and rejection. My hope is that the reader is able understand the idea that Mira is getting ready to leave her cold dark world of loneliness to venture out into the world, seeking companionship.

When Mira leaves Chicago, she goes to Virginia. Right away, she feels different and comments on the bright greenery of the scenery. In the small town of Whitteltown, Mira and the reader get a view of a simpler life. While work and technology seem to fuel the life she lived in Chicago, in Virginia Mira turns off her cell phone and inadvertently abstains from watching and using mass-media, and gets back to nature.

While staying at Sinclair Manor, Mira and the other characters connect to the house and the surrounding land as though it were another character. The gardens and orchards become a place of peace and an escape for anyone needing a rest from reality. Life at Sinclair Manor is almost utopian in comparison to the busy worlds of Chicago and New Jersey.

Abraham is originally from New Jersey, and the great tragedies that he suffers through, occur there. He and Giovanni also leave behind the sadness of their lives, in the city, to take refuge in the peaceful country of Virginia.

The one other place that is visited repeatedly in this story is the edge of Heaven. Through Giovanni’s dreams, the reader gets a glimpse of a war-torn Heaven that will be more fully described and laid out in the books to come.

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