My Geekdom 22: Maleficent

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I was in awe of Maleficent long before Angelina Jolie played the role, for which I think she did a great job. I always thought there was something special about her, but mostly I loved the fact that she was so evil and powerful. She was the kind of villain I wanted to create for one of my stories, and I believe I just might have.

When I saw Disney’s Sleeping Beauty as a child, I remember thinking that if that king hadn’t been so stupid as not to invite her, none of the curses and enchantments would have been necessary. For me, if I knew I had a crazy scary neighbor with known anger issues and I was planning a neighborhood party, I’d be a fool not to invite him. Now, I might take precautions to ensure the safety of others around me should things go wrong, but I wouldn’t ignore the guy. You know what they say, keep your enemies close…Now, I’m rambling.

Maleficent is a dynamic character that I’ll always love to hate or maybe just love, if Hollywood keeps up with the new Jolie take on this character.

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  1. I get that, I think. Snow White has a distict look that separates her from the other Disney princesses, but I’m not much into the ghostly-white skin. As for Maleficent, maybe it’s her power that makes her sexy.

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