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I have a thing for green characters. Besides the fact that these characters are often misunderstood and provide some level of the “underdog” idea, which I have a soft spot for, these character are usually socially relevant. There’s always some reason that these characters are made green and that reason usually comes with a social issue attached. For Hulk, that could be a number of things: misuse of power, dangers of nuclear power and or radiation, playing god to create something better/super, and so on.

I like Hulk because he’s angry all the time, but time and again he proves that if people simply leave him alone, he won’t hurt anyone. As part of the Avengers, Hulk proves that he can have friends and work well with others, but that doesn’t mean he’s all of a sudden the life of the party. As an introvert, Hulk is a bit of super poster child. I often think of him when I write a character like Giovanni or some other social outcast.

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    1. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely check this out. I tried my hand at fan fiction, but I’m still shy about sharing it.

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