My Geekdom 09: The Princess Bride


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Aside from this being really cool concept art, this is such a great read and watch. I fell in love with this movie when I was a kid and can’t stop myself from quoting it. I’m no sap, and while there are about ten exceptions to this rule, I’m not a chik-lit or chick-flick kind of girl. So it’s a good thing that isn’t what this story is. It is, however, a love conquers all tale that mingles fantasy, romance, action, adventure, comedy and drama, to keep you wanting more.

I aspire someday to be able to tell my stories and mix in a mint of humor. I adore comedy, but I can’t write it. I don’t think there is anything in the Eternal Curse Series worth laughing about, but don’t let me give you the impression that the book is that dark and hard; it’s not. There are sweet moments in Eternal Curse that beckon to the triumph of Buttercup finding Wesley after he’s defeated Humperdinck; there just isn’t any witty statements about the true condition of Wesley’s body as he falls in her arms, unable to stand on his own.

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