MLK Day! 2014

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It’s not so much the man I admire as it is what he stood for. History has proven, time and again, that heroes and the ones placed high on pedestals, are often the ones to fall hard from their elevated status, in one way or another. I’m sometimes saddened by how people’s opinions and, even, their actions are so wrapped around the perceived character of a public figure. I, however, choose to follow ideals and principles that matter to me and don’t put all my hopes in the character of another.

Veering away from that tangent, I’d like praise MLK Jr. for the symbol of peace and equality he is. Though we have come a long way, we still have so much further to go. Thanks to people like MLK Jr. we now live in a world where people have to think twice about how they treat others different from themselves. My hope is that one day no one will have to think about their actions because everyone will finally embrace the ideals of equality at their very core- perhaps people will be born colorblind and have an appreciation for humanity never before experienced in history.

Like MLK Jr. before me, I have a dream and hope one day it will become a reality.

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2 thoughts on “MLK Day! 2014”

  1. I’m with you, Toi. MLK’ Jr’s dream was one we can all aspire to, whatever our racial origins.
    But it goes further than that: it’s about basic humanity and whether we care about people.If we do, we share, without first having to consider and balance up the pros and cons. It’s only when we get all wrapped up in petty self-interest that this fails, and then society gets sick and conflict raises its ugly head.
    It’s sad that MLK had to die for his dream to be heard, just like another great man a couple of thousand years earlier in a far off land who got nailed to a cross. But the message of each persists and is still there for those who open their ears to hear.

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