Mira’s Closet: 5/19/14: Style Statement

MClosetMira’s no fashionista, but she definitely has her own sense of style…
And now here’s an update on just that.

First an observation: I don’t like pink, on me. I actually think pink is a very pretty color; I’m just not a very pink kind of girl. Usually when I say that I get the feeling people expect me to wear all black or denim overalls. BTW- I look awesome in black and I adore my overalls, but that’s not the point. I also happen to look good in yellow, all shades and hues of blue, brown, red, purple, and occasionally green. Have I worn pink before? Yes. Will I wear it again? Maybe if it’s for a good cause (hint hint wink wink 😉 ) I simply prefer to wear colors I feel comfortable in on a daily basis. That’s just one part of my personal style statement. How about you?

Now here are some style tips/clips from

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my own personal fashion guru, trainer, and my physical inspiration for Mira.


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