Mira’s Closet: 1/20/14: Public Speaking

MClosetMira’s no fashionista, but she definitely has her own sense of style…
And now here’s an update on just that.

First an observation: I’m gearing up for public appearance tomorrow and I’m a little worried about how to dress. I have several pieces of jewelry (from December 10) I can dress up or down, depending on what I’m going for, I just haven’t decided what that is yet. I want to look nice for my audience, but I also want to be comfortable and not draw too much attention away from my book. After all, it is the star of the show, not me.

Now here are some style tips/clips from


my own personal fashion guru, trainer, and my physical inspiration for Mira.

Just one of many from Tori’s Favorite Dishes of 2013, part 3.


I hope you enjoyed this. Also check out Tori’s new EBoutique: December 10.

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