Major #discount on indie short story collection, Unexplained! July 3-7, ’14.


At a regular price of $2.99, Unexplained will be irresistible at a special discounted rate.

From July 3rd through July 5th, own your copy of Unexplained for only $0.99.

If life gets in your way, don’t let it get you down too much. You’ll still be able to save on this purchase from July 6th though the end of the day on July 7th for only $1.99.

About The Book

Looking through a window can be like looking into the past. The images can’t always be explained. In this collection of short stories, the reader will have an opportunity to discover mystery, magic, romance, and even terror in everyday things. This collection includes the award winning title “In the Window” (paranormal), as well as “Encounter” (romance), “Our Place” (general fiction), and “What She Lost” (psychological thriller).

This book is a collection of short stories written by up-and-coming author, Toi Thomas. These are stories from Toi’s early days of pursuing writing and brushing up on her writing talent. Some of these stories are derived from tales she’d spun back in high school, while others are derived from more recent short story contests she has found online. When or wherever the inspiration came from, Unexplained will be a delightful little read you won’t soon forget.

Please enjoy this excerpt.

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