Major #discount on indie novella, Legend of the Boy! August 7-11, ’14.


At a regular price of $2.99, Legend of the Boy will be irresistible, newly updated and re-edited, and at a special discounted rate.

From August 7rd through August 9th, own your copy of, Legend of the Boy, for only $0.99. If life gets in your way, don’t let it get you down too much. You’ll still be able to save on this purchase from August 10th though the end of the day on August 11th for only $1.99.

About The Book

All young boys dream of having super powers and being able to do  great and wondrous things…except this boy. He’s not from this world, but he must save it, though he doesn’t know how. Legend of the Boy is a science fiction tale that combines the notions of power, might, right, and destiny in a complex pattern woven from threads of logic, philosophy, and faith. This is the tale of a boy, a stranger to this world, who not only has to save the world, but must also destroy it, in order to move the human race forward. Pain, tragedy, shock, and awe await you in the pages of, Legend of the Boy

Not a children’s book.

Please enjoy this excerpt.

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