Long Time No Talk with Sheila Deeth

LongTimeGreetings humans, half-breeds, and everything in between. Today I’m sharing a very special update from one of my dearest author friends, a trend I hope to develop more. It’s been a while since I’ve interviewed/hosted this special author or reviewed something of hers, but that’s just me being disorganized and frazzled as usual. Sheila is lively Christian author who I always enjoy having here at The ToiBox of Words.

So here’s an update on what she’s been doing.

Toi: So Sheila, how’s the family? Anything new happening?

Sheila: We’ve been enjoying an early spring while I’ve heard you’re struggling with an extended winter. Ironically, having moved thousands of miles away from our parents when we left England to come to the US, we now have two sons living in the same town as us. We invited them to lunch recently. I confessed we’d have to eat at our house rather than meeting downtown, since it’s the day we always phone “home” to talk with our parents. Middle son promptly replied that he enjoys eating lunch at our house – he made my day!

Toi: I cherish moments like that. If my parents lived closer, they’d surely be part of our monthly family dinners.

How’s your blog going? Anything interesting or standout posts go up recently?

Sheila: I think I try too hard and run too many blogs, but what’s new is a series of “Love in the Bible” posts that I’ve been creating for February on http://refracted-muse.blogspot.com/. I’m still posting book reviews, author interviews, and guest posts from authors on my main blog at http://sheiladeeth.blogspot.com/ and I’m working my way through Acts with questions for our Coffee Break Bible Study group on http://sheiladeethstudies.blogspot.com/

Toi: Keeping busy; I like it, though I can relate to taking on too much.

And did I hear that you have a new book coming out?

Sheila: The second in my, as yet unnamed, series of novels should come out soon from Second Wind Publishing. The title is Infinite Sum, and it tells the story of Sylvia from Divide by Zero – after letting past mistakes and sorrows wear her down with their infinite burden, she learns it’s the steps we take today that define us after all.

f8edd-bethlehem2527sbabycvrToi: I like the sound of this follow-up to Divided by Zero. I wish you all best with your release.

Any other ideas or goals you plan to manifest this year or in the near future?

Sheila: My future plans include turning those questions from Acts into more children’s stories for my Five-Minute Bible Story Series. They’re published with Cape Arago Press, and my publisher has even suggested he might bring out the Old Testament stories in print form soon – with illustrations! I’m working on the third novel in that series for Second Wind too. It’s called Subtraction, to be followed by Imaginary Numbers.


Well, wasn’t that a nice little update. Now don’t you want to take some time to visit her blogs and check out some of her books? You’ll be glad you did. Plus, you can head over to the Sheila Deeth blog right now to see an update from me.

If you like this update of my dear friend Sheila and are wondering about some of my other past guests, don’t worry; their updates are in the works. So, humans, half-breeds, and everything in between, that’s all I have for today.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you like it let me know and share it with others. See you next time, Toi Thomas. #thetoiboxofwords

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