#IWSG May 2015: FAQs and Answers


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Being insecure at home alone in front of my computer is one thing and being out in public, testing my limits, is something else entirely. I did this to myself, but it’s an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up. I got in early and saved a bunch of money, but now the big day is at hand and I’m feeling all kinds of anxiety…Oh, but you’re probably wondering what I’m talking about.

CITY400X400TWCC-A117In just ten days, I’ll be setting up an artist/author table at my local Comicon to sell copies of my paranormal series, Eternal Curse. My immediate insecurities include:

my fear of crowds, what to wear, do I have enough stock, do I have too much, will people ask a lot of questions, how much weight can I lose in ten days, will I get a chance to see any of the cool stuff at this event, will I have enough battery and data to handle credit/debit transactions, will someone heckle or criticize me just because they can, will I get anyone to sign up for my email list, will this be a waste of time and money, will anyone buy my books, and just what will I say when people ask the basic FAQ’s?

I’ve really given the last question some thought and have attempted to anticipate, answer, and memorize my responses in hopes that I don’t sound like a complete weirdo when the time comes. I’ve listed a few of the Q&A below and would love any feedback you’d be willing to offer.

ECGA coverWhat’s the first book about?

Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel is an origin story where purpose is the main pursuit. It’s a mash-up between Beauty & the Beast and Jekyll & Hyde, which involves angels, demons, and everything in between, along with a spiritual or religious twist.

ECB coverWhat’s the second book about?

Eternal Curse: Battleground is the ultimate story of the one. My hero knows who and what he is and now it’s time to see him in action and all his glory. There’s a lot more action and adventure, which also comes with a great deal of pain and loss; but love, blood, and ash are all part of my hero’s cycle of life.

SeriesWhat’s the series about?

The series is a ‘what if ‘of Biblical proportions and is played out in modern and futuristic times. Told more as a work of general fiction instead of fantasy, the characters feel real and reflect reality in with their actions, relationships, and mundane daily activities, but when the moon rises the gates of Heaven and Hell open and the battle for Earth takes place. My character Giovanni just happens to be the lucky one at the center of it all.

What do you mean a spiritual or religious twist?

Stories of angels and demons and everything in between aren’t new, but tales of what if, on the Bible level that don’t bash religious doctrine, are quite rare. Take the tales of King Author for instance. My characters may not be in search of the Holy Gail, but they knights of a different caliber in search of a balance and peace on earth. There’s nothing scriptural about my books, but if I’m going to write an epic battle between Heaven, Earth, and Hell, I’m going to include God and the Devil.

What kind of response has your book/series been getting?

Most people have told me that the book is surprising. Most people aren’t sure what to make of the book just on the surface, but once they’ve read it, they say they get it. Everyone seems to walk away from this story with a different impact. Some readers are impressed with the refreshing spin on romance the books take. Some readers are intrigued by the alterations of religious ideas and the intermingling of fantasy and science fiction. Most readers, however, find that while there are subtle influences of other genres and classic stories, this series is simply not the norm and worth experiencing for that reason alone.

So, what do you think of my answers: good, bad, other?
Can you think of other questions I should be ready to answer?
Any of you have a public appearance coming up? What are you doing to prepare?


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    1. I hope it will be fun. I’ve attended just as a fan before and loved it, but this will be business this time around.

    1. I hope it works out that way. I keep practicing, hoping it will all come out naturally. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. How smart of you to think of answers before you get there! And how cool is that to have a table at a comicon! You rock! I hope it goes really well for you. If you run out, take orders and offer to ship them. Are your novels in ebook form also? Give them a card and tell them where to order it online. Have a sign up list and get folks emails addresses and snail mail addresses too if you can. Add them to your marketing email list. I am envious of you getting to do this, so go and get them Toi! You can do it! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! Lisa, co-host #IWSG May, @ http://www.lisabuiecollard.com

    1. I’ve put a lot into this. I have a system set up to sell ebooks as well as print books at the event. I’ll be offering a different free ebook to people who sign-up for my email list (mailing list optional). I have pre-stuffed bags for all my sales with business cards and more; plus I’ll have extra business cards to hand out. Thank you so much for the encouragement. It really means a lot.

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