#IWSG January 2014: Public Speaking


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This month, while I do have something positive to share, I unfortunately also need to whine a bit. You see my new year is starting off a little rocky, but it’s really not that bad. It’s very cold for where I live right now, but it’s cold a lot of places. My main issue with the weather, at the moment, is that it’s making it hard for to me to fight off illness.

As usual, I’m busy with my day job, my blog, my efforts at writing, and my sometimes sorry attempts at reading for enjoyment. I haven’t read any of my favorite blogs in days and have five books sitting on my night stand taunting me. The fact that I’m event awake to write this article is amazing to me. I came home after work today and passed out. I think I woke to find food and remembered I to needed a post for tomorrow (today now 🙂 ). Well, that’s life. It can be bothersome sometimes, but it’s worth it for all the sublimely wonderful moments you live for.

So, now on to my positive news…


I’ve put together my 2nd public appearance as an author, but this one feels more official than the first. The first event was comprised of mostly friends and family who were ready to support me; this new event is completely different. I’ve put together an event to, hopefully, help spread the word about my book to my local community. It feels strange to know that there are people in the UK willing to buy my book, while my neighbors have no idea I’m an author (but then you don’t know my neighbors).

I guess the whole point of this is to show myself that I’ve made an effort to reach out to my community event if it doesn’t reach back. I’m not shy about speaking in front of people, but I am leery about putting myself “out there” exposing myself to criticism or perhaps worse. Only time will tell.

In any case, there’s no turning back now. I’m excited to see where this will all lead.

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9 thoughts on “#IWSG January 2014: Public Speaking”

  1. Good luck with this. I don’t believe I’d have the courage. The ‘fear of public speaking’ would easily be pushed aside by ‘fear of no one showing up’. The book looks great!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Even trying to stay indoors, it seems I’m always too busy to do the things I want, but I keep finding ways to sqeeze it all in.

  2. Fabulous accomplishment! You are leaps and bounds ahead of many of us ‘closet’ writers. You’ve even got a program with your picture on it. Time to own it, girl, come what may!

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