#IWSG February 2014: Blog Hop


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I’m trying something new, well, new to me anyway. I’ve participated in so many blog hops, but have never done one of my own. I think deep down I’m just avoiding the fact that I need to do more to promote my book and I just don’t feel like it. Sometimes it’s hard trying to sell something I love so much that I almost want to give it away just so I know people have it…

But enough about that, back to my endeavor to host a blog hop. I’m very nervous about this and hope I’m able to get a few participants (oh, there go my insecurities). After receiving some interesting insights about the romantic tension in my book (the one I haven’t been promoting enough), I started thinking about the nature of wooing. How does someone get someone else to fall for them or vice versa? Aside from flexing muscles and batting eyelashes, there have to be actual acts and jesters that just really turn people on. Some are probably universal, but some must be more specific; I want to know them all.

So, I give you, How do you Woo? Blogfest! (It’s a title people. Stop overthinking the grammar.)


Love is in the air and it’s time to share, Wednesday, February 12th.

Tell a story, give examples, share an experience…how do you romance the one you care about or vice versa? In 500 words or less, teach us, entice us, and get us thinking all while keeping it, at least, PG-13. 😉

All are welcomed to participate. Please feel free to promote any contests, giveaways, or works you wish, but please post content ratings if your selections are a little more than simply adult. Feel free to use the image I’ve included here or come up with one of your own, but please use the Linky posted below to participate and use the hashtag, #howdoyouwoo, in promotions.

Aside from what I’ll be sharing in my post, I’ll also be offering a giveaway: a box of Ferrero Rocher®. There will be no liking, following, tweeting, etc… involved; all you have to do is leave me a comment about wooing. The winner will be drawn at random and announced on Friday, February 14th (HappyValentine’s Day).

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All in all, I guess you could say that I’ve completely ignored my insecurities this month and have replaced them with practical deeds. Who knows, I may find a way between now and then to involve this hop in my weak book promoting efforts. Next month, hopefully I’ll be more on the ball and actually have something worthwhile to share; perhaps words of encouragement, a tale of progress, or even something more heartfelt…We’ll just have to see.

Be sure to stop by, visit, and thank our host as well as this month’s co-hosts: Sheena-kay Graham, Julie Musil, Jamie Ayres, and Mike Swift!


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Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you like it let me know and share it with others. See you next time, Toi Thomas. #thetoiboxofwords

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8 thoughts on “#IWSG February 2014: Blog Hop”

  1. Toi, you are a brave one. Hosting your own Blog Hop is a real challenge. I am certainly no expert on Romance, but I’ll give it a whirl. All my stories have love components anyway.

    Count me in and I’ll promote on my blog and twitter.

    Leanne Ross ( readfaced.wordpress.com & @LeanneRossRF )

    1. Thank you very much Leanne. I’ll keep trying new things and learn as I go; it’s what works best for me. I’m glad to have your participation. I can’t wait to see what people will share.

  2. PG-13? Well, that’s no fun . . . after all, I write naked! Hahaha 😉 I’d totally sign up if I wasn’t swamped with my blog tour. I’ll catch ya on the next one!

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