#IWSG December 2013: #cursescanbebroken


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I am so blessed right now. Even though I am constantly overwhelmed, never seem to have enough time, and am leaping from one temporary illness to the other, and also seem to fall short no matter how hard I try…I have so much to be thankful for.

1. I have been meeting and promoting some really great authors as of late. I’m to glad to have an opportunity to help these authors spread the word about their work.

2. I have an amazing family, they are all so special to me. My sister is talented in ways she doesn’t even know and inspires me to pursue my dreams. My Mom is my biggest fan and my husband is so wonderful that I just had to write about him in “Dear Stick”.

3. I am getting closer and closer to my goal of being a successful published author. Needless to say, monetary gain isn’t how I judge success, but I’ll be even more thankful if and when the big bucks ever start rolling in.

I have three ebooks available for purchase and am now able to offer pre-orders for my first novel, Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel, which is set to release on February 18, 2014. See Books and Pre-orders for details.

4. I made it to the second round of voting for the 50 Great Authors You Should Be Reading, which I still find amazing, and now I must wait to see how well I did. At this point it doen’t really matter, if I make it into the publication great, yay, hip hip hooray, and if i don’t it’s still been a fun ride.

5. And lastly, I’m so grateful that I am steadily writing, blogging, and reading my way through life. I’m networking and learning from others everyday and am so glad to be apart of this community.

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Next months post will be on Jan. 8, ’14 due to the holiday. See you then.

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  1. You DO have a lot to be happy about! And I suffer from migraines too, but they’ve been better since my doc prescribed 10 mg of propranolol for me to take after I get up and before I go to bed to keep those nasty headaches from starting. It’s actually a low dosage of blood pressure medicine and my blood pressure is already low, but what it does is counteract those expanding blood vessels in the brain that swell and give us our headaches. Maybe it could help for you?

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