I have a winner for my, June ’15 newsletter, ebook #giveaway. Yay #free stuff!

WinnerI would first like to thank everyone who participated in my Monthly Newsletter Poll and Prize giveaway. For the month of June I asked, “What do you think is a good standard for novel length: 50k, 80k, 100k?

So far it seems that 80K is the most popular, but I’d love to know your thoughts. Please leave your two cents in the comments below.

Now, as promised, the winner of a free ebook valued at $3.99 or less is…


Thank you so much or participating and congratulations on your victory.


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3 thoughts on “I have a winner for my, June ’15 newsletter, ebook #giveaway. Yay #free stuff!”

  1. I write everything that needs writing to tell the tale and then edit it down, cutting out all that does not directly relate to the main story or is repetitious. What it ends up as is the final word count. So far most of my books have started out at around 145,000 to 1560,000 words, and then come down to between 71,200 and 89,600 words. The length is not something I consider when writing, the content is what’s important.

    1. Thank for your insights Ian. I think we can all agree that content is what’s most important, but when it comes to fiction (more than non-fiction), I think people expect books to be of a certain lenght. I had quite a conversation about it on Facebook. It’s always nice to see what other think on matters like this.

      1. I do exactly the same with my fiction writing as I used for non-fiction. I know what the story should have in it and my editing process is primarily to check for structure, sequence, content and polish. Thye length comes out as whatever it takes.

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