Happy St. Patrick’s Day! – 2015


I like the meaning or idea behind St. Patrick’s Day and though I’m not Irish or Catholic I do celebrate it. It’s a fun cultural experience that helps me remain open-minded and, unlike many others on this day, I do not go out and get drunk because I can.

I’m not going to go on a tangent about controversy today. Click the image up top if you want to know some of the history, but do some real research if you care. So with that, I say…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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4 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day! – 2015”

  1. St Patrick might have been a good fellow for bringing Christianity to Ireland, although he also sowed the seeds for a load of controversy that fueled the years of Troubles, because there were too many Catholics, too many Protestants, and not enough Christians.

    At the same time, he can’t have been a very nice man. I mean, he went round banishing snakes from the whole of Ireland, didn’t he? Now that wasn’t very nice, was it? Jut think of all those poor homeless snakes; where were they supposed to live once he threw them out? Ethnic cleansing is banned today, but it was clearly not something St Pat worried about.

    And we’re supposed to celebrate him? Oh, I forgot: the celebration is actually for his death. That makes it a bit better. At least he couldn’t carry on and banish newts, frogs and other innocents in the same cavalier fashion.

    So I’ll raise a glass to celebrate the end of St Pat’s reign of terror. Yeah!

    1. See, I knew there was no reason to talk about controversy today. You did it for me.

      I love comments.

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