Happy Mother’s Day! – 2015


There’s something about mothers, the bearers of life, the ultimate nurtures!

Let’s be honest, deep down we all love our mothers, even when we don’t get along with them. Mothers are the ones we want to comfort us and tell us that everything is going to be alright, whether they gave birth to us or not. There isn’t much more I can say without getting philosophical, and you guys didn’t sign up for that today. I will however state, that all mothers should be put on a pedestal and praised as much as possible, but especially on this day…unless they happen to be a bad mother. Even bad mothers are due some modicum of respect simply for what they are.

If you’d like, click the link below to see a video I made for my mother a few years back. Just to give you a reference for what’s going on in this video, I live in Virginia and she lives in Texas.


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