Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary! – An Interview, Part 4

anniversayGreetings readers, bloggers, geeks, and authors. It’s my anniversary and I thought I’d interview myself and share it with you. I’ve come a long way as a writer, blogger, reviewer, and interviewer and I’d thought it would be nice to share some of the things I’ve learned and tell you a little about myself, in case you don’t already know.


What is my favorite food or meal and why?


Food is an issue with me. I enjoy cooking and baking and experiencing new food sensations, even when I turn out not to like them. Food, like music, is one of those things that I believe can bring people together across racial, national, and religious barriers.

My favorite food is rice. I can eat it almost any kind of way and with anything, but most of all I can eat it plain.

My favorite meal changes, right now I’m going through an Indian cuisine phase, but I’ll never be tired of my mother’s vegetable stew with cornbread. It’s the one thing she makes that’s better than everything else.

If I could only watch one movie for the rest of my life, what would it be?


This is not a fair question to ask, but since I put other authors through this torture, I’ll give it a go.

I’d first like to acknowledge that this answer may be different at another time on another day. For now, I’d say the one movie I’d watch over and over, if it was the only movie I could have, would be Love Actually.

When the soundtrack of my life is playing in my head, what songs express my glee and what songs bring out my rage?

I adore this question but never stopped to realize just hard it would be to answer it. The problem I’m currently having is that I do actually hear a soundtrack running through my head all the time and there’s no way I can describe it all to you. Plus, I’m a music lover; there are few forms of music I can’t at least appreciate.

Popular or Pop music is what it is. I like it, but it’s not what brings me glee; it takes several musical forms to do that. When I’m down, listening to Harlem Renaissance jazz, opera, oldies Do Wop and beach music, and even some Reggae brings a smile to my face.


When I’m raging, because I can admit that I do that sometimes, listening to punk, rap, and even some alternative music (that’s not too hard-core) lets me get it all out of my system.

I have other songs that serve other purposes, but I won’t mention them all.

Currently my favorite album to sit back, relax, and enjoy an evening with my husband is Talking Book, by Stevie Wonder.  Oh, and of course I listen to it on vinyl.

Let’s play zombie urban survivor.What 3 things would I need to survive a black-out in Central Park the day zombies attack?


Why am I in Central Park? …This is actually more like three and a half things since one thing goes with the other. I’d need at least one pair of night vision goggles, a Swiss Army Knife, and a semi-automatic weapon with lots of ammo. Too bad I only asked for three items; this list could get very interesting.


Okay readers, bloggers, geeks, and authors, that’s all for today…unless you have a question you’d like to ask me. 😉

Thank you for sticking with me these past two years. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for part five of this interview and hopefully enjoy some more of my insights.

This has been a


Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you like it let me know and share it with others. See you next time, Toi Thomas. #thetoiboxofwords

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