Friday Fiction: ToiBox Edition No. 002 #fridayreads (hate, station, alien, guide)


I apologize upfront. I totally forgot I started this whole short story thing last month. What you are about to read may not be edited, is not well thought out, and was posted at the last minute. Sorry, but maybe it’s not too bad.

Prompt #055372151

Topic/Theme: hate | Location/Setting: station

Character(s): humanoid alien | Object(s): na

Action: guide | Random Additive: na

Begin Anew

“I been waiting a long time to take a crack at some alien scum.” Private Glen has disassembled and reassembled his weapon four times already and was beginning to twitch and sweat as Lieutenant Hayes approached.

“Slow your roll Private Glen. We’re only here for support, in case something goes wrong. No one’s taking a crack at anything or anybody today.”

“Lieutenant, give me a break. I’ve done my duty. I deserve a chance to show what I’m made of.”

“That may very well be true Glen, but today may not be the day to do so. This is a peace mission and we are to stand down until such a time as our special skills are actually needed. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes sir, Lieutenant Hayes. Peace mission. Got.” Glen stood stiff and saluted as Lieutenant Hayes acknowledged his compliance and then moved on to address the other members of their elite squad.

“Glen, when you gonna learn to keep all your crazy thoughts to yourself? You’re gonna get yourself reassigned. I can’t even believe you made it this far.”

“Oh screw you Patterson. My mouth doesn’t get me in any amount of trouble that my skill can’t get me out of. I have the best shooting and tactical recorded here, even better than our beloved Lieutenant.”

“And yet he’s Lieutenant and you’re not. Maybe just take it easy this once. Besides, for all we know these aliens will be the answers to all our problems. They could have cures to diseases and unlimited energy sources.”

“Well if you wanna believe that fairytale bs go on; as for me, I’m keeping my scope clean. I just wish this station didn’t have so many reflective services. God knows they didn’t consult the military when they built this welcome mat. There’s too many points of entry and…”

“Oh please give it a rest. Why are you so down the aliens’ arrival? It’s not like this is some unprovoked attacked. They contacted us decades ago and warned us that they were coming. If they wanted to obliterate us, why haven’t they done it yet?”

“Patterson, I don’t give a crap about any of that. It’s my God-given human right to hate aliens; creatures from outer space coming to my home planet and making demands. Build us a welcome station and we’ll come- my big round a…”

“Whoa there Glen. Lighten up.”

“I won’t lighten us. I joined up so I could be a warrior, be a hero, but everybody just wants peace. I can’t shoot the Ruskies- their friendly now, I can’t shoot the A-rabs- they’re on board with peace treaties and holding out to see what the aliens got, the Chinese finished that great wall and nobody goes in or out… If I don’t get to shoot somebody soon I’m going to lose it. “

“You know Glen that was really insensitive, a little cray, and maybe even a little racist. I think it’s good that people are trying to create peace and I don’t think it’ll put us out of jobs. Maybe we won’t need to use these particular skills, but there will always be a need to help police nations.”

“Whatever, Patterson. I…”

The ground began to shake and the sky grew dark. The alien vessel had entered earth’s atmosphere almost completely undetected. A lone fighter jet served as guide to escort the egg-shaped colossus toward the welcome station.  A blue and gold plume of clouds haloed the vessel as it lugged across the skyline.

Waves welled in the ocean as the vessel flew over, slowly reaching its destination on an inhabited island in the Pacific, beyond the Hawaiian Islands. Slowly the fighter jet circled the opening of the welcome station, two times, before heading back to the main land. The new arrival could clearly see where they were to land now and began to make their descent.

Lieutenant Hayes and his team stood in position on the far wall of the elongated and open-topped hanger behind all the scientist, officials, political, and religious leaders, ready to defend or to salute. Hayes raised his left hand and swiped it back and forth over his eyes, silently given the command to set sights. He and his fellow officers pulled out binoculars while the armed privates looked through their scopes.

As the vessel ceased to advance and hovered in place, just above the new Joined Nations symbol, an air lock could be heard releasing. A cool rush swept over the area then the egg’s, once metallic, finish began to dull to a pale grey and the appearance of a door came into view. The door slid up and opened in one swift movement and a voice projected from within.

“Thank you people of earth for the lovely reception.” The voice echoed throughout the space in multiple languages, but managed not to sound jumbled. Whatever language one was more comfortable with, that’s the one that was heard most clear. Finally the new arrival announced its presence. “Please do not be frighten by my appearance; it is not too much unlike yours. I am coming out now.”

Slowly descending from invisible steps, a scarlet figure appeared in a stunning masculine form. It was a tall slim figure that walked upright like a human and resembled humanity greatly. However, this figure had no hair and no visible outer ears or nose. There were slits and holes in place where the organs were located, and the scarlet skin almost seemed to glow.

Finally the figured turned and address the crowd gathered as cameras rolled and lights flashed. “I’ve come to bring peace to this land in exchange for sanctuary. My planets sun in dying and this is the only other galaxy with a similar planet for me and my few companions to seek refuge.”

On the far wall of the hanger, Glen’s scope was in line for a perfect shot and he was ready to take it. “Yeah right you’re here to bring us peace; you red alien scum.”

His shot fired and hundreds ducked to the ground and took cover. Glen’s comrades abandoned their weapons and tackled him to the ground. Scientist in lab coats rushed to shield the alien, willing to sacrifice their life to preserve his. Then suddenly everything stopped and reset.

Glen was standing at his post, holding a hot rifle, and wondering what happened to the shot. Next to him stood a tall red man. Everyone around them was frozen in place, staring at them fully aware of what was happening, but unable to move and speak out. Finally the alien spoke.

“I told you I came to bring peace to this world and I aim to do so, no matter how long it takes.” The red man reached forward and placed his hand on Private Glen’s head. A red light pulsed throughout his body.

Moments later, everyone was released from their paralysis and feeling anxious. Everyone looked around wondering what happened to Private Glen. The red man stood in front of his egg-shaped dwelling and tilted his head as if he were trying to understand what all the commotion was about; then the baby cried and all else was silent. The alien spoke once again.

“My people evolved away from hatred many centuries ago, but we teach of its evils to our younglings so as not to repeat the past. This one was beyond repair and must begin anew. Someone please, take young Private Glen  and be sure not to teach him how to hate this time around.”

1262 words

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