#FlashbackFriday: #Fantasy #Book Review: Breath of Air

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Originally posted Friday, September 21, 2012.

Breath of Air (The Dryad Quartet), By Katie Jennings

I give this story a solid 4. Almost everything you could want in a story.


This is the story of an orphan named Capri who discovers that her suppressed dreams are actually memories and that she does actually have a family. You’d think that finding out something like that would be enough to carry a decent story, but Breath of Air takes this heartwarming tale for a good old fashion thrill ride. This wild, funny, and sometimes scary journey opens Capri up to a world of mystical and mythological beings and helps her cope with the idea that she may just be one of them.

Not my usual read, but so worth my time. I’m used to more intensity and less romance, but this wasn’t too much or too little of anything. I’m still wondering what happened to the fairies. Were they real or did I overlook something?

The whole story was delivered in a laid-back Sunday afternoon kind of approach, but that doesn’t mean it was slow or boring in any way. It was beautifully descriptive, but very simplistic making for an easy and enjoyable read. It took me a while to warm up to Capri, but I think it’s because I’m more like the character of Blythe. Once I realized just how important Capri was to the whole dynamic of the relationships around her, I fell in love with her. She’s just the kind of person I’d love to have as a friend.

There were several prince charming types, a charismatic one and a brooding loner one, readily available for rescues and romance, but it was the plethora of diverse and dominant female characters that stole the show, so to speak. Always a fan of mythology, I loved seeing how the characters and story plot would play out in this world of Euphorea.

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10 thoughts on “#FlashbackFriday: #Fantasy #Book Review: Breath of Air”

    1. I’m still reading this series and have figured out that the faries aren’t really important.

    1. The faeries are interesting, but not that important to the story. The important characters are pretty cool.

  1. Nice to go back to an old review! It sounds rather intriguing. But maybe even better to write the story suggested by the comments…fairies are interesting but not important…bet the fairies don’t agree….

    1. I’m not one much for spoilers, but trust me. In the series, the faires are just kinda in the background. This is more of a mythological based story than a fae based one.

    1. Hey, not everything is for everyone. I think of this in terms of movie going. There are some movies you get dragged to by a girlfriend, sister, etc… Some of those movies you hate, but some of them are ok and not a complete waste of your time. If this just isn’t your genre, that’s probably how you’d feel if you read this book.

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