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Greetings readers, bloggers, geeks, and authors and welcome to The ToiBox of Words. I’m your host Toi Thomas, author of Eternal Curse, and today I’m sharing a special interview with author, Markie Madden, about her fiction book entitled, Fang and Claw. Enjoy!

Where did the idea for Fang and Claw (Undead Unit Book 1) come from?

I was just in that twilight moment between wakefulness and sleep when the idea for the book (and the whole series) came to me. I was watching a Supernatural DVD marathon that night. I had just about gotten fully asleep (difficult enough for me as I’m a chronic insomniac) when suddenly I was wide awake and grabbing for my phone. To use as a light. While I struggled to make notes on a Post-It note. Without my glasses on. LOL

How did the title of this book come about?

No one’s asked me this yet! The title is a spin off of the phrase “fighting tooth and nail”, because my two main characters who are a Vampire and a Werewolf start out hating each other’s guts. Hence, “fighting fang and claw”!

What genre is this book and why did you choose to make it so?

This book is obviously in the crime genre but it fits into paranormal as well. Or supernatural, if you like that better. I think it will appeal to people who like either crime, paranormal, or both. Or just about anyone.

What would you say is the overall message or the theme of this book?

I’ve begun this series with Immortals, various species who are known and accepted by humans. Accepted as much as any minority is, anyway. The Immortals are required to take the Undead Oath which prevents them from harming humans. But they still suffer the same prejudice that many minorities faced, or still face, in society today. I’ve tried to make them as “normal” as I could, in a literary attempt to point out to readers that we’re all “normal”.

Tell me about the experience of writing this book; how long did it take.

I’ve been working on this book for probably 6 or 8 months now, maybe a little more. I’ve slept since then so you have to pardon my memory. Much of law enforcement techniques I didn’t need to research (I spent nearly 14 years of my life working in law enforcement positions), but there were certain elements which I had to look up since I wasn’t familiar with them. At one point I set myself the goal of writing 3,000 words a day and that worked really well.

Tell me about the main storyline within this book.

Lacey is a lieutenant with the Dallas Police, just put in charge of a new unit of Immortals (or Undead) dedicated to solving crimes among other Immortals. She’s a Vampire with a past; her entire family was massacred by a Werewolf pack. Colton is a detective, and he’s been assigned as her partner and second in command. He’s a Wolf, a descendant of the pack that killed Lacey’s family. They have to learn to overcome their prejudices and solve a case that spans decades.

Who is the protagonist of this story?

Both Lacey and Colton would be the main ones. They’re the “good guys”, the ones who are investigating and solving the crime, they protect and serve. Lacey likes fast cars and expensive luxuries. Colton and his wife and 5 pups live in an apartment in a building full of other Werewolves. These two couldn’t be more different from one another. But they both have a strong sense of justice and are tough as nails against those who commit crimes.

Who is the antagonist of this story?

I can’t tell you what species of Immortal he is (spoiler), but he’s based on actual Native American lore and he is just generally nasty and likes to cause trouble. He’s your typical “bad guy”, one who enjoys being bad. He’s responsible for several assaults that span a couple decades, and he’s been just sly enough not to get caught. Until now.

What is the major conflict in this story?

Besides having the mystery to solve, Lacey and Colton have to come to terms with the fact that they’re being partnered together. Lacey is unaware at the beginning that Colton is related to the pack that killed her family. Once this truth comes out, it becomes very difficult for them to work together. They have to learn how to be partners and trust one another with their lives.

Where and when is this story taking place?

This takes place in Dallas, Texas, a little over a hundred years from now. Not so far into the future that things and cities would be unrecognizable to a reader, but enough where I can take just a few liberties.

Who is your favorite character in this book?

Lacey has got to be my favorite. She’s a no-nonsense kind of gal who doesn’t take any s*** off anyone. She’s a little like me: I mentioned I have a law enforcement background. When you’re a woman in a predominately male profession, especially one fraught with danger, you learn how to be a hard butt because that adds a level of protection for you. I got so good at projecting a fierce face that I never had to lay hands on anyone in my 14 years.

Are there elements of your personality or life experiences in this book?

As mentioned above, I have a bit of experience in law enforcement, which also includes some private investigation. While I was never a police officer, I dealt with them regularly and did personal protection details, among other things. So some of that experience has come in handy in writing this book.

What is one thing from this book you wish was real or could happen to you?

I wish I drove the car that Lacey has. It’s an Audi S4 (I have an older model A6 sedan, but the S4 is just plain awesome!) and is the epitome of luxury!

What is something you wish wasn’t real and hope doesn’t happen to you?

Um, I’d tell you but it would be a spoiler. Let me just say that I’m afraid of heights and leave it at that.

Let’s say your book is being turned into a feature-length film; quick- cast the main two characters and pick a theme song or score.

For Lacey, Angelina Jolie hands-down (I liked her as a blond in Salt). Colton is a little harder, because I’d love to cast Sean Connery (maybe when he was younger.) Barring him, I’d have to say Jared Padalecki (assuming he could be tough-he’s already got awkward down pat!)

Do you have any special plans for this book in the near or far future?

I’m already hard at work on the sequel, book 2 of the Undead Unit. It’s called Souls of the Reaper and will be released (I hope) early next year. Plus I’ve got books 3, 4, 5, and 6 in the planning stages. I’m really excited about them too!


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