Day 8- Blessing: What’s in a Name? #write31days 2014



Term of the day: blessing: favor, gift, benefit.


I often wonder if a name can be a blessing. Do people who have the prettiest sounding names have some kind of advantage over everyone else with simple, common, or even unique names? The term “plain Jane” comes to mind. Does naming a girl Jane make her plain and simple or did a bunch of simple women just happen to have the name Jane? Why is Bob overlooked, but Rob is sought out? I’m sure these are all perceptions and preconceived ideas, but I wonder how much truth they really hold?

Name of the day: Paul Thornton.

Breakdown and meaning:

Paul is a popular name. It has origins all the major romance languages. For the most part Paul means “small or little”, but not always necessarily in size. In some cases the name Paul means “young”, “small spirit”, or “humble”. In Biblical terms Paul is a convert, the humble one, who seeks to save those once persecuted.

Thornton, with Gaelic origins as a given name and English origins as a surname, means “thorny town” or “from a town of thorns”. I don’t really know if this meaning has any bearing on the character of the person bestowed it. I don’t think it really says much about the person at all, but since it’s English it ties in quite well my character, from It’s Like the Full Moon, because he’s English.

Well, that’s it for Day 8. See you tomorrow.


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