Day 29- First Name: What’s in a Name? #write31days 2014



Term of the day: first name: individual proper names; names given by parents or guardians to distinguish charges or siblings; given name.


Let’s just be honest. Unless you have a famous family name or surname that you just love to flaunt, you prefer being called by your first name. While there is a time and place for me to be addressed as Mrs. Thomas, I always feel more comfortable when people call me Toinette. However, I don’t like it when a child calls me by my first name. That’s not how I was raised and not how I roll…Sorry for the rant.

What’s so funny to me about first names is that people tend to either love their name or hate it. Some dislike their names so much that they have them legally changed when they turn eighteen. Then there are those celebrities and special individuals who only use one name to identify themselves. It’s not like anyone has thought, “Cher who?” So I guess that works.

Sometimes I wonder, though, about the names parents give their kids. I get it that sometimes they are trying to be clever, but sometimes I think they are punishing the kid for no reason.

Name of the day: Lisa.

Breakdown and meaning:

Would ever think there was a relation between Lisa and Elizabeth? When I think of pet names for Elizabeth, I usually think of Beth or Liz. In actually Lisa is derived from Elizabeth. With Hebrew, English, and German origins, the name means “devoted to God”.

Lisa is a major character in my up-coming romance, It’s Like the Full Moon. She’s Rebecca’s best friend and the source big drama, but with the best intentions. I can’t wait to share her story.

Well, that’s it for Day 29. See you tomorrow.


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