Day 28- Spiritual/Religious Names: What’s in a Name? #write31days 2014



Term of the day: spiritual/religious names: name given or derived from religious or spiritual texts and practices.


I’m not going back at this point to see how many names I’ve talked about already that either mean or are derived from the names of Greek gods, angels, and or pertaining to God. What I want to talk about today are names that are given based on spiritual or religious practices and beliefs.

Many native tribes, from all over the world, perform rites of passage at birth and then again at puberty. The names are given based on how a child handles or survives their trails and by spiritual interpretation. I was once given the tribal name of “smiling fury” by a Native American guide who worked at an animal preserve. The name is obviously a pet name, but he said he gave it me to because I always smiled while making bullies cry. I was really good at standing up for other kids when I was younger…Sorry for the tangent.

Let’s take a quick look at Catholic naming rituals. I always thought it was cool that my Catholic friends were given a saint’s name or saint’s day at their christenings. Obviously I don’t know the details about it, but it’s still pretty cool.

There are other instances I could mention here about the use and practices of religious and spiritual practices to give names, but I think you already get the idea.

Name of the day: Chandler.

Breakdown and meaning:

Chandler has both English and French origins that both mean “candle maker”. In my Eternal Curse Series, Chandler is the surname of supportive family, one to which my already mentioned, Jack, character is a member of. They appear in the second book, EC: Battleground and serve an important and lasting purpose.

Well, that’s it for Day 28. See you tomorrow.


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