Day 27- Moniker: What’s in a Name? #write31days 2014



Term of the day: moniker: a personal identifier such as a name, alias, or nickname.


When I think of moniker I visualize something between an alias and a signature; perhaps even an insignia. Currently, the most popular uses of monikers I can think of are online. People identify themselves with a combination of aliases and or avatars with ease.

My web moniker isn’t too involved; it’s just a cartoon version of myself (my avatar) and the name I publish with (toithomas). Other people have much more involved web monikers. In my first Eternal Curse book, Giovanni’s Angel, both Giovanni and Mira have web monikers they use when first getting to know each other online.

Name of the day: Michelangelo aka Michael.

Breakdown and meaning:

Michelangelo is a very Italian name, meaning it didn’t have to look it up to know that. The name means “the angel Michael”, which is interesting. Michael or Angelo are common pet name for modern mean with the name Michelangelo, though Michael is more common. Michael is also a popular proper name on its own. Michael means “like God, an angel” and Angelo means “angel”.

In my Eternal Curse Series Michael will make an appearance in the second book and prove to have a very important, yet supportive role in the adventures of the character.

Well, that’s it for Day 27. See you tomorrow.


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