Day 19- Prefix: What’s in a Name? #write31days 2014



Term of the day: prefix: something added to the beginning to make new or alter.


This one may be a dud. I can’t for the life of me think of any prefixes that are added to names to make them different. Sure there are tons of prefixes added to words to alter their meanings, but when it comes to names, all I can think of are titles. We already covered titles. :/

Can you think of any prefixes that have been added to change the original form of a name?

Name of the day: Sheldon.

Breakdown and meaning:

Sheldon is an odd name to me. Its origin and meaning don’t seem to really mean anything. With English origins the name means “town in a valley”. There are some cases that claim the name means “from shield farm”, but I don’t really know what that means. I can’t seem to find references to shield farm. I guess you could say that the name means “from a town in a valley” or perhaps “farm shield”, but that would just be making things up.

In my Eternal Curse Series, Sheldon is a young boy who will make an impact in the second the book. Once again, this character will bring in younger audience appeal, but it will still be mainly for teens and adults.

Well, that’s it for Day 19. See you tomorrow.


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