Day 18- Suffix: What’s in a Name? #write31days 2014



Term of the day: suffix: something added to the end to make new or alter.


It’s one to add endings to make new words with new meanings, but what about adding to names. I guess that at some point people realized that there were too many people using the same names, but no one really wanted to think up anything new, so they just added on to existing names…You know I’m just being silly here right.

Let’s consider these names: Williams, Jeffers, Gibb, and more. Now let’s add to the end and make: Williamson, Jefferson, Gibson, but that’s only the beginning. What about all those cases where female names are derived from male ones, such as: Jo and Joanna, Robert and Roberta, Charles and Charlene? Oh, and what about all those endearing endings that have become part of common names, like the Spanish “ito or ita”? Here’s an example to set you straight: Juan, Juana, Juanita.

Name of the day: Victoria aka Tori.

Breakdown and meaning:

Tori is the common pet name for Victoria, though it is now a popular name on its own. However, I’ll be focusing origins of the root name. With Latin, Spanish, and English roots, Victoria is strong and powerful name. Most commonly it is the feminine form of Victor, which means “victorious or victory”.

Its Latin roots are a bit of  a jumble. Named by the Romans to replace the Greek god Nike, Victoria was the goodness of victory. And when considering the name English roots you’ll to pay homage to the royal family.

The legacy of Queen Victory has brought a whole new meaning to the name, though victory was the intention when she was given the name. Due to her profound impact and influence on the Great Britain during her time and after, new ideas are now associated with her name. One the term Victoria era was coined, Victoria became a name that meant: elegance, pose, high morality, and good reputation.

Tori is a character from my, in progress, sequel to Eternal Curse. She’s a younger character who will step in a give the series a fresh new feel that will be appeal to both adults and teens.

Well, that’s it for Day 18. See you tomorrow.


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