Dance of the Goblins by Jaq D Hawkins

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Book Title: Dance of the Goblins -new expanded 3rd edition

Series: The Goblin Series

Author Name: Jaq D Hawkins

Publisher: Golbin Publishing

Reading Level: mid-grade to adult

Genre: fantasy

Content Rating: PG

Available Formats: paperback, ebook, audio- coming soon.

Number of Pages: 241

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The Blurb

They say that the earth shifts on its axis every 200,000 years…

When the planet shifted, most of the surface dwellers were destroyed. The few pockets of survivors were left without technology and little supplies, but they built a simple feudal society on the rubble of the city.

Meanwhile the creatures in the deep places moved closer to the surface, taking over the old underground transport tunnels abandoned by the humans. Their own Shamanic way of life had survived only by staying out of sight of the humans who habitually killed what they did not understand.

Five generations of humans passed and the descendants of survivors settled into a way of life that was simple but satisfying, until one day a man wandered into one of the old tunnels…



The man alternately fought his bindings and tried to appear aggressive to the goblins, as much as a captive with arms and legs bound might do. He puffed out his chest, shouting threats one moment and in the next he would shrink from the prodding, looking pathetic. Haghuf had little taste for such sport, and had just about decided to retreat quietly and leave them to it when the human suddenly saw him standing in the arch of the cavern opening, quiet and still as the stone.

‘You! Are you the leader here?’ shouted the man with all the authority he could muster. Haghuf didn’t answer right away. Slowly, he strolled towards the man, looking at him curiously as if he had never seen such a creature before. In truth, he had seen very few up close in his lifetime. He preferred to keep it that way.

Everything in the room seemed to stop as Haghuf examined the prisoner, crouching down slowly to look him in the eye as was the custom among goblins when engaging an enemy. The human’s chest heaved with quick, shallow breaths. He licked his lips nervously, caught up in the moment of suspense while he waited for an answer. Haghuf turned his head to look at the creature sideways, first one way then the other. Then at last he spoke in his low, gravely voice, slowly and deliberately in the man’s own tongue.

‘We have no leader. We are all one kind here.’

The human’s eyes darted from one goblin to another. His expression exposed his utter bewilderment at the concept of a leaderless race.

‘But surely someone must be in charge?’ he cried, almost desperately. Haghuf again took his time in answering.

‘We are not like you. We do not glory in having power over our own kind.’ Haghuf turned to walk away. Then as an afterthought added over his shoulder, ‘Or imagining that we do.’

‘What shall we do with him?’ shouted one of the goblins.

‘Kill him,’ Haghuf answered flatly, just as he passed back through the arch.

Haghuf chuckled to himself as he walked out of the side cavern. It didn’t matter to him whether the goblins behind him took his suggestion or not. His amusement came from the knowledge that to the human who could not comprehend non-authority, it would have sounded like an order from a superior.

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The Author

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Jaq D Hawkins is a published writer with 10 books in publication in the Mind, Body, Spirit genre published by Capall Bann Publishing, as well as four Fantasy novels in print and E-book; The Wake of the Dragon, Dance of the Goblins, Demoniac Dance, and, Power of the Dance, published by Golbin Publishing.

Information on all titles can be found through her website at

Samples from various projects occasionally appear on her blog at

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