Count Your Blessings 22: Trees



I don’t think it’s necessary to mention why trees are so important, but I will just a bit. Trees help hold all the land in place, they give us clean air to breath, they offer us shade, can be as a source of food, can be used for fuel and building material, and more. Trees are an essential part of life on earth, but aside from all that, trees are beautiful. Even with my allergies I’ll take the natural shade of healthy, strong tree any day.

I’m blessed to live in a world where all the trees aren’t gone, yet. I hope I never live in world where- let me see; how does the song go? “They put all the trees in a tree museum, then they charged a dollar and a half to see them.” ~Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell

Some terms, when you hear them said so often, start to have negative meaning and “tree hugging hippy” is no different, but I understand it. Some people do go to unhealthy extremes, but I don’t see a problem with people wanting to preserve trees. Needless to say, I look forward to Arbor Day each year.

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