Count Your Blessings 21: Cameras



Art is sacred and painting is beautiful, but there’s something about a photograph. The idea of being able to capture a moment in full color without having to wait for someone to sketch it out and then add color to it astounds me. This invention has done so much for the world, some not so good, but I don’t blame the cameras for that, I blame their users/operators.

Just as words are able to capture and describe a moment, a story, or a feeling, cameras offer us the same but with the satisfaction of instant gratification. Instead of waiting for an image to become clear in our minds after hearing a description, we get to see the image for ourselves, right then and there. Even the camera itself has gone through an evolutionary process to become what it is today and I am grateful for it. I’m blessed to live in a world where I can take a picture of anything and have visual memories at my disposal.

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