Count Your Blessings 20: Clothes



This probably sounds a little vain, but it’s not. I’m not talking high fashion here; I’m talking basic necessities. After food/water and shelter, people do need clothes. When you leave the safety of your shelter, as humans, we need coverings to protect our bodies against the elements. Sunburn and wind burn are real things and can lead to cancer and other topical infections. Hyper and hypothermia are also real dangers when not controlled.

Clothes are a blessing because they cover us based on our needs. This is not the age of “cavemen” where everyone gets a designated animal skin to where through sun, rain, snow, etc… People in the tropics probably don’t buy or make a lot of wool coats and people who live in the frozen tundra probably don’t buy or make a lot of bikinis. I am blessed to not have to constantly adjust the length and thickness of a long cloth I’ve wrapped around my body for cover. I’m blessed to have articles of clothing such as, underwear, pants, shorts, shirts, jackets, sneakers, boots, etc…

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