Count Your Blessings 16: Books



I feel almost silly explaining why books ae a blessing, but they are. I won’t go into the debate about print versus digital, even though I think there will always be a need for print books no matter how advanced and convenient society becomes. However, I will admit that I do adore my Kindle.

I’ve written before about the great blessing that the written language is and the blessings of books stem from that and branches out. Books are more than just words on paper bound between two covers. Books are an experience. You get to look at them, hold, read, inspect them, interpret them, question them, take care of them or demolish them with love and frequent use.

When I think about times in history when books were burned it makes me weary for the future. It seems that history always repeats itself in some capacity. I won’t lie and pretend that I’d defend the content of every book ever printed, but I wouldn’t help to destroy any, even the ones I don’t like. I’m blessed to live a world where there are more books than any one person could ever read, and blessed that I have an opportunity to try to read as many of them as I can.

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