Count Your Blessings 10: Senses



I’m thankful for my senses. There are people in this world who don’t have good use, and in some cases no use, of their five senses and thus must perceive the world a little differently. This is one of those things that people often take for granted because it’s just the way we are. While the five senses aren’t needed to have a full life and capture memories, it’s a blessing to have them.

When I remember the past, when I experience my most vivid memories, everything is vibrant. I can feel the silky fabric of my mother’s skirt as I grab onto her, making our way through the department store. I giggle because I like the funny sound my shoes make on the linoleum floor. I twitch my nose and squint my eyes walking through an invisible cloud of perfume. Finally, my eyes sparkle as I rush to swim on a river of colorful drapes and curtains. My mother was always buying or making curtains and I’ll never forget that fact or the experience of it.

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