Count Your Blessings 06: Pets



There is nothing essential about pets, but they sure are nice to have. As far as I know, no other animal takes in species unlike its own and nurtures and cares for them, but we humans are more than just animals. Pets make us feel good about ourselves for any number of good, and sometimes bad, reasons.

Pets are a great way for people to give and receive uncomplicated affection. Pets also teach us life lessons. The care of a pet teaches us the importance of: nurturing, discipline, fitness, and more. Anyone having trouble keeping their pets alive shouldn’t be trying to have kids, but that unfortunately isn’t the world we live in. In any case, I’m blessed to live in a world with the concept of pets.

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6 thoughts on “Count Your Blessings 06: Pets”

      1. Mungo is a Labrador; his photo is on my website and Facebook page. Now ten, he’s a wonderful companion and a great friend who goes everywhere with me.
        Your desire for a large dog makes me think you need an Irish Wolfhound. They are very gentle and affectionate; there’s plenty of dog to cuddle; and it’s big enough to double up as a donkey, so you get two pets for the price of one. On top of that, at Christmas time you can put antlers and a sleigh collar in it and it’ll serve as a reindeer. The final bonus is that with jaws ten inches long and an array of fangs that would make Jaws gape with wonder, it would be a great security guard for you. What more could a girl wan?
        Please don’t get a Chihuahua!

  1. That’s for advice Ian, I’ll keep it in mind. I don’t see a Chihuahua in my future any time. I can’t have a dog that fits in a purse because I don’t carry purses.

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