Count Your Blessings 02: Sunshine



Like the vegetation of this planet, people need sunlight to grow (healthy). Sunlight is important for a number of different physical and medical reasons, but I think is essential to the human psyche. Have you ever noticed how melancholy people are when it’s been cloudy for a long time? They miss the sunshine because it gives them a sense of hope.

Where I went to college, there was a three to four month period where the sun just went away. It would peek through the clouds and around hill and mountain tops from time to time, but there were very few full days of sunny sunshine. Those were the toughest times of the term. Everything and everyone was tired, ached, and lacked cheer.

When the sunny season returned, life was good again, then exams kicked in (oh well J). People need sunshine and not to improve their tans. Why is it that in all the post-apocalyptic movies and books are the people always living underground, sad, and just scraping by? It may be fiction, for the time being, but there’s something to this notion of not needing the sun to survive.

I’m blessed to have sunshine, not because I need it, but because it makes me happy and feel good.

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