Character Files from the ToiBox 37: Sheldon- Psych Test


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This is not a real Rorschach test, but simply a fun little additive to the whole character profile motif.

Subject EC:B 2-Sheldon describe test image #1 as:

An evil warrior crushing the skulls of innocent victims under its feet and moving on apathetically.

Subject seems agitated and defensive. He’s also very scary which makes assessing quite difficult. He definitely has anger issues and seems to suffer from a vigilante complex.  He is considered to be dangerous.

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2 thoughts on “Character Files from the ToiBox 37: Sheldon- Psych Test”

  1. Moving on apathetically? That doesn’t match with the first part of the image crushing the skulls of innocent victims under its feet! Surely an evil warrior doing that would move on with determination? And with total disregard for his victim?

    Yes, the Rorschach test can be quite revealing, and not necessarily in the way one expects.



    1. No, he means “apathetically”. You’re taking a quick peek at the mind of a very strange and very troubled youth who understands all to well that some creatures and beings do horrible things just because they can. They really don’t care enough to be fueled by hate or anything else.

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