Character Files from the ToiBox 27: Lisa- Bio


nofemaleBiography:  Subject FM 2-Lisa

Lisa is Rebecca’s best friend, also born to a wealthy family, but not as close as Rebecca’s. Lisa is very strong-willed and independent. She has no misgivings about the existence of love. She simply does believe in it, at least not the romantic kind. According to Lisa, the love of her life is her best friend, the person who’s there for her when she needs a good cry.

Lisa has had several relationships and even more encounters that can’t quite be called relationships, but she hasn’t completely given up hope on the whole notion. The exception to the rule, she feels, is Rebecca. Lisa is willing to believe in love if it means making Rebecca happy and giving her the happy ending she almost had years ago. She’s even willing to take her friend across the world to find love, if need be.

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