Character Files from the ToiBox 26: Rebecca aka Becca – Bio


nofemaleBiography:  Subject FM 1-Becca

Rebecca Tinsdale is born to a wealthy family that eventually breaks up and teaches her first lesson on life, nothing lasts forever. Rebecca is not an optimist, but she’s also definitely not a pessimist. Seeing her parents divorce at a young age didn’t cause her to disbelieve in love, but losing the one man she ever loved, did.

Rebecca is surrounded by people who love and adore her and as long as no one speaks of romance, she’s happy. She’s a devoted daughter, sister, and niece, and even though she’s been in a steady relationship for about seven years, she knows it isn’t love and has no intention of getting married. Of course her intentions account for nothing when her beau goes and asks her to marry him.

Luckily for Rebecca she has a best friend who’s always there to help her keep a grip on reality. Rebecca has a lot to deal with: family drama, friend drama, and now relationship drama, but she handles it all with grace. Turning thirty didn’t get her down in the dumps. What it did do was give her a sense of needing to settle down, not that she was moving that fast. The only problem now is decided who to settle down with.

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