Character Files from the ToiBox 24: Lilly- Bio


nofemaleBiography:  Subject EC:B 4-Lilly

Lilly is a shadow. She’s there all along, but she easy to forget. Her impact, however, lasts and lasts.

Lilly meets Giovanni and Mira as a little girl, but they don’t learn her story until later in her life when trouble arises. Giovanni and Mira will eventually serve as secret guardians to Lilly, protecting her from the world of the others which she can’t seem to stay away from.

Lilly’s tale, like everyone else in this series is a bit tragic. She was adopted as a baby and raised by an average human family, but like all families, it had its issues. When her parents decide to get a divorce, it was only the first of many struggles she’d have to overcome.

All in all, Lilly actually lives a rather pleasant life. She gets an education, gets married, has a career, and goes on to become a grandmother.

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