Character Files from the ToiBox 23: Jack- Bio


nomaleBiography:  Subject EC:B 3-Jack

Jack is another prodigy who makes an impact in the world of the Eternal Curse. In the case of Jack, knowing too much can hurt you. Jack is raised by a human family who not only knows about the others who walk the earth; they also associate with these beings.

Jack’s story is interesting because he, oddly enough as a human, poses a threat to both the others and the humans; not that he wants to be a threat to either in the beginning. Jack’s first battle is with his government and his right to have a powerful mind. He is taken from his home at a young age and forced to work for the government or be forever labeled a terrorist, but that’s another matter.

Jack’s thirst for knowledge doesn’t end with the knowledge of humanity. He begins to study and master the knowledge of supernatural beings and worlds. It is this knowledge that puts him in the path of Giovanni and Mira. They decide to help him and in return he helps them.

While Jack is much younger than Giovanni and Mira when they first meet, his maturity helps them all to develop a lasting friendship. There are good sons and bad sons, but when Giovanni and Jack become like brothers, lines of good and bad begin to blur. No matter what happens between them, two facts remain constant. They will both do any for Mira and they are both not to be trifled with.

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